Revere Point Count Card

Lawrence Revere the author of Playing Blackjack as a Business, develop the Revere Point Count Card System as an advance and balance card counting system. This is developed in the early 70's. The system is very accurate and widely used by the professional blackjack players. Although this strategy is a little bit hard to understand but this is more accurate than the unbalanced card counting system. It covers the basic operation of the Revere Point count card and the system convert the running count into a true count in a multi deck games and in the single deck games.

The history of the system was made popular by Lawrence Revere, an author, a blackjack player and a businessman. He uses advanced mathematics to develop strategies in playing blackjacks and to attain the winning moment in every game. He develops this Revere Point Count Card System to make the game accurate in every casino that it almost makes a history. The counting strategies are based on theory that assigns values to high and low card to have the same betting system. Card counting point out to the player when is the big chances of winnings.

The card values of Revere Point Count Card System are that the card has its specific value, either positive or negative. It assigns a value of +2 to the 2 and 7 cards, +3 to the 3, 4 and 6 and +4 to the 5. The ace card and number 9, receive a -1. The running count start at zero, if the first card dealt is 4; the running count will be change to +1. Whatever counting system you will use, the rule is: the higher the count, the better your advantage. Low count means there are low card remaining in the deck and are the advantage for the house. Bet low when the count is low and bet high when the count is high, is the objective of the Revere Point Count Card System and still the best strategy for today.